The Nesticon™ Difference

Tablet Use Why Your Office Will Benefit With the Use of Nesticon™:
Nesticon™ is the next generation of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) software, excelling in the most critical elements of patient engagement, allowing doctors to serve their patients in a personal, thoughtful, and detailed manner.

Nesticon™ is a full-service EMR solution that can also be integrated with other EMR and Electronic Practice Management (EPM) Platforms. This means your office advances to the highest efficiency level possible, saving time and money on a daily basis while allowing you to continue using an EPM sytem that you are familiar with

 Did You Know Nesticon™ V3.1 Software Is…

  • Built in the 21st Century by experienced clinicians and educators for clinicians. It takes full advantage of modern high level programming, the Internet and today's portable computing devices. Unlike most other EMR products, it is not a rehash of an EMR System that was designed in the sixties.
  • Logic driven software that facilitates generation of transcription style reports.
  • asy to use. Begin using within hours of introduction. Master within days to weeks.
  • HIPAA compliant and ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Certified for "Meaningful Use."
  • A 100% web based solution. Supports smart phones, iPads, laptops, and more.
  • E-Prescribing and CPOE capable (see full list below).
  • Capable of interfacing with HL-7 compliant billing systems.
  • A seamless exchange of Continuity Care Records (CCR) with other Certified EMR’s and PMS platforms.
  • Detailed and in-depth disease management support for PQRI.
  • An accurate and complete documentation and justification of patient office and hospital visits.
  • Based on easily searchable and customizable clinical diagnoses that are coupled to ICD-9 codes
  • Not dependent upon rigid templates. Define a complex multi-organ clinical encounter using an easy to use system

Click on the Tabs below to see some of the key differentiators:

The first EHR began to appear in the sixties. Many of the currently marketed EHR are based on the pioneering work performed by academic medical centers. Computer and software technology has evolved since then. Mainframes, Mini-computers, green screen terminals and the early computer programming languages have given way to powerful PCs and high level user-friendly systems. Also, the pervasive Internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. The confines of technology that limited the power and flexibility of the early EHR systems are long gone. However, may EHR systems seem to be caught in a time warp. Dependence upon disease-based templates has not been shed in the 21st Century.

Our competitor's puzzling products have a steep learning curve. Nesticon was built around an intuitive, simple and unified, browser-based interface. There is a shallow learning curve of hours or days rather than weeks or months. You use context-specific sub-menus, check boxes and text entry boxes to create detailed transcription-style clinical reports that document your patient's level of Evaluation and Management. Navigation is simple and you never get lost in a myriad of open spreadsheet type windows.
 If you have banked on-line or have bought a product on the Internet, you should feel comfortable with our interface.

Nesticon leverages Microsoft's latest integrated Internet and server technology. A combination of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and our patent pending business intelligence generates reports on the fly as menu items are selected or changed. This allows the user to see the generated text as data is entered, rather than waiting until a full report is generated. Unlike bulleted and fragmented phrases, the system produces narrative style reports. NO counter-intuitive templates. Random access entry of information is coupled with an innovative ranking system. Clinicians no longer need to force a patient to fit into a specific template.

Most currently available EHR products employ ICD-9 billing codes as diagnoses in clinical reports. ICD-9 codes were not designed for this purpose and do not provide other healthcare providers with enough clinical information in regards to the specific clinical diagnoses that were entertained by the clinician who generated the report. Nor does it include the differential diagnosis. "786.59: Other Chest Pain {Discomfort} {Pressure} {Tightness} in chest" cannot provide the same clinical information as "Atypical angina. Probable ischemic heart disease".

With Medicare cuts and rising overhead, most physicians are struggling to keep their doors open. Making a large capital outlay to acquire a "top tier" EHR program is not a viable option. Selecting an inexpensive product that "does not get the job done" is also a poor choice. 
    Driven by the limitations of many currently available products and the high cost of EHR ownership, Nesticon was founded by a former Medical School Professor and Chief of Cardiology to develop an affordable and innovative EHR system. No large up front costs and need for owning expensive hardware and software. An affordable monthly fee, an Internet connection and use of low end PCs, notebooks and Tablet PCs puts you in the driver's seat.

Nesticon ONC-ATCB Seal Nesticon Version 3.1 achieved ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 - EHR Technology for Eligible Providers Certification on July 6, 2011 (Certificate Number: CC-1112-589330-2). This Complete EHR is 2011/2012 compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ATCB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.
    The 2011/2012 criteria support the Stage 1 Meaningful Use measures required to qualify eligible providers and hospitals for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The following criterion were met:
  • 170.302(a) Drug-drug, drug-allergy interaction checks
  • 170.302(b) Drug-formulary checks
  • 170.302(c) Maintain up-to-date problem list
  • 170.302(d) Maintain active medication list
  • 170.302(e) Maintain active medication allergy list
  • 170.302(f) Record and chart vital signs
  • 170.302(g) Smoking status
  • 170.302(h) Incorporate laboratory test results
  • 170.302(i) Generate patient lists
  • 170.302(j) Medication reconciliation
  • 170.302(k) Submission to immunization registries
  • 170.302(l) Public health surveillance
  • 170.302(m) Patient-specific education resources
  • 170.302(n) Automated measure calculation
  • 170.302(o) Access control
  • 170.302(p) Emergency access
  • 170.302(q) Automatic log-off
  • 170.302(r) Audit log
  • 170.302(s) Integrity
  • 170.302(t) Authentication
  • 170.302(u) General encryption
  • 170.302(v) Encryption when exchanging electronic health information
  • 170.304(a) Computerized provider order entry
  • 170.304(b) Electronic prescribing
  • 170.304(c) Record demographics
  • 170.304(d) Patient reminders
  • 170.304(e) Clinical decision support
  • 170.304(f) Electronic copy of health information.
  • 170.304(g) Timely access
  • 170.304(h) Clinical summaries
  • 170.304(i) Exchange clinical information and patient summary record
  • 170.304(j) Calculate and submit clinical quality measures
What is Included in the Nesticon™ Software:

Nesticon™ is a pure browser-based EHR program. If you bank or shop online, you are ready to start using our system. If not, you can be trained in a matter of hours or days. You have secure HIPAA compliant access to your patient data from your office, clinic, home, hospital, emergency department or any site with access to a computer and an Internet connection. 

  Your patient's data is stored in a secure HIPAA compliant site. The data is yours and incorporated as discrete searchable elements within an industry standard Microsoft SQL database server. It produces digitally signed reports in a PDF format. Portal friendly text files can also be produced. The PDF reports can be given to your patient, exchanged with other HL7-compliant EHR systems or transmitted as a personal health record.

What is NOT Included in the Nesticon™ Software:

 Greater than 75% of Health care providers have access to some form of an Electronic Practice Management (EPM) system that integrates both front and back office functions ( while only 6.3% report using all the features of an integrated EHR-EPM System (The 2009 the National Center for Health Statistics Survey). Because of this we chose to not offer an integrated back office (billing and financial) module at this time. Instead we cover the Front office (patient registration and appointment scheduling) and middle office (patient care) functions of the office and help generate charges that can transferred electronically or manually into your favorite HL7-compliant EPM system, in-house billing clerks or outsourced billing service.


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